What is Travel Effect?

A comprehensive, research-driven initiative to change mindsets, shift American culture and motivate American workers to use more of their earned time off.


Fact Sheets:

Nearly three-quarters of all American workers earn paid time off including vacation time and personal days.

New research from Oxford Economics shows that American workers failed to use more than 400 million days of earned leave last year.

A new study finds that travel can be a powerful foil to “old age” but Americans need to better prepare if they want to travel in retirement.

New research by the Society of Human Resources Management suggests a strong link between vacation time and employee performance and wellness.

A recent survey by the Society for Human Resources Management indicates workers who take vacation are better employees as a result.

New research indicates that adults who took educational trips in their youth earn more and are significantly more likely to hold a college degree

New research by The Wagner Groups shows strong links between educational trips for youth and better performance in and beyond school.

Government travel for meetings and conferences not only improves public-sector performance and efficiency, it also boosts private-sector productiv

Government investment in hosting and participating in meetings and conferences faces increased scrutiny and cutbacks in the wake of sequestration.