What is the Travel Effect?

Travel Effect is the feeling you get taking a step away from the busyness of life. Using your earned time off—whether around the house or on a trip—recharges your batteries and lifts the weight off your shoulders. Give it a try. Take a day off and experience the Travel Effect.


Fact Sheet November 12, 2013

Fact Sheets: The Impact of Vacation on Work

A recent survey by the Society for Human Resources Management indicates workers who take vacation are better employees as a result.

The report generated by the organization, which represents more than 250,000 human resources professionals in more than 140 countries, shared data based on a 2013 survey of 481 randomly selected members in the United States.

Respondents indicate that vacation benefits not only employees, but employers as well. Employees who use their available vacation time (a surprising majority don’t) are more likely to be satisfied in their jobs, according to respondents.

Intangible benefits translate into real value for workers, HR managers say, linking employee vacations to greater productivity and performance, less sick time and higher employee engagement. Take vacation days – research proves that time away pays.

For Businesses:
Employee Vacation Leave Essential to High-Performing Organizations

For Employees:
Vacation Improves Your Professional Performance and Productivity