What is the Travel Effect?

Travel Effect is the feeling you get taking a step away from the busyness of life. Using your earned time off—whether around the house or on a trip—recharges your batteries and lifts the weight off your shoulders. Give it a try. Take a day off and experience the Travel Effect.


The Travel Effect Playbook offers destinations tips and ideas, including case study examples, on how to join the Travel Effect movement.

American workers believe that taking paid time off (PTO) helps them relax and recharge, offers the opportunity to do what they enjoy, and makes th

Americans are overwhelmed—but they aren’t taking the breaks they’ve earned.

When it comes to taking PTO, Americans themselves can be the biggest barriers.  A variety of justifications lead about two-in-five workers (37%) t

American workers instinctively recognize the benefits of taking paid time off (PTO) from the job.

American workers overwhelmingly recognize the importance of using paid time off (PTO) from work and acknowledge its many benefits, including more

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Senior business leaders want their employees to use their paid time off (PTO), and instinctively recognize the benefits of taking time off from th

Fear of being replaced and work piling up coupled with a lack of employer support and communication is keeping Americans from using the time off t